The rest of the story…

By now I think it’s obvious… I am pregnant.  Yes, I am having twins.  The answer to the inevitable next question is a little harder to answer, however.  That question is “Do twins run in your family?!?”

Yes, I have twins in my family.  However, the cousins on my mom’s side are Identical.  Mirror Image Twins at that!  Identical twins are monozygotic, meaning that they started as one single fertilized egg.  Through a malfunction of the normal development process, the egg splits into two.  This is a, for lack of better terms, spontaneous and freak accident in nature.  Not in any way hereditary.

Fraternal twins are dizygotic, meaning two eggs, each of which were fertilized.  Hyper-ovulation, having the tendency to release more than one egg during ovulation, could be identified as genetic.  In families where women have a gene for hyper-ovulation, genetics could explain the increased rate of twins in said family.  There is conflicting information on whether this gene only runs on the maternal side, or if it can also run on the paternal side of the family as well.  If so, it’s said that the gene would pass from grandmother to granddaughter.  For example, if a woman has twin boys, the boys are not any more likely to have twins themselves.  But, if they each have a daughter, the girls may have inherited the hyper-ovulation gene.

Although I recently found out that there are twins on my dad’s side of the family as well, I have no idea whether they are Identical or Fraternal.  Even if they are Fraternal and were born from a mother with the hyper-ovulation gene, it’s unlikely that they are close enough relation that I, too, would have inherited the gene.  As in, it’s not likely that I would have inherited it since I would have to inherit it from my paternal grandmother.

So after that quick lesson – what kind of twins are my twins?  Dizygotic/Fraternal, so yep, I released more than one egg.  But it’s not heredity thing in my case.

A little more than two years ago, Ryan and I set out on a journey.  One in which we had no idea what we would be facing.  The terrain was rough and there was no definitive end.  We were excited and hopeful in the beginning; most are.  But after month upon month of disappointment, we started to get beat down.  Probably me more-so than him, but there is no doubt it was hard on both of us.  After a year, I kind of expected some of what we’d be facing next, but not all of it.  So after surgery, a miscarriage, and many months of treatments, we’re finally able to say we are blessed to make it to a point were we can see the finish line.  (For a more detailed story on my “Journey“, I wrote it all out on my pregnancy blog… A Baby Train  See specifically Journey for the process, A Day of Threes for information about our triplets, and 9 Weeks for the quick discussion of the loss of Baby B)

My twins, or rather our twins, are definitely a miracle, just not the random act of one egg splitting into two kind of miracle.  A miracle nevertheless.  It took the intervention of doctors, medications, and science to make me release more than one egg… but it still took the miracle of life for them all to fertilize and attach.  Even though we mourn the loss of our first pregnancy in April, and the loss of Baby B from this pregnancy, we are over the moon with where we are with these two babies.

So there you have it… there is the rest of the story.


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