The rest of the story…

By now I think it’s obvious… I am pregnant.  Yes, I am having twins.  The answer to the inevitable next question is a little harder to answer, however.  That question is “Do twins run in your family?!?” Yes, I have twins in my family.  However, the cousins on my mom’s side are Identical.  Mirror Image … Continue reading


It’s been quite a while since I have posted last.  I feel pretty crummy about that.  We’ve kind of have a lot on our plates and have been dealing with a bit of a life changing event.  Stand-by for more details…

Bloglovin’ <3

Well, one more thing to add to the list… Bloglovin’  I signed up this morning; I figured it would be the easy way to follow the blogs I like to read all in one place.  Let’s see how it goes! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Fortune Friday

Fortune Friday

Also- As a follow-up to yesterday’s product review, I was going to talk about my newest Tasty Lies review that had gone up.  Instead I had been working on some nifty new buttons and it got late, so I never had a chance to post it. Ok, so you won’t actually find the review here … Continue reading

Tasty Lie?

Yesterday, my first review went up on Tasty Lies.  Umm, what’s that? Oh, Tasty Lies is a website that a co-worker friend of mine created to document the actuality of frozen meals (and/or fast-food/takeout) compared to how they are advertised and represented on the box. Check out my review of Bagel Bites: Microwave vs. Oven, … Continue reading